Spare parts

Potise has large stock of spare parts and a standard package and modernized warehouse management system; we can ensure you a prompt and effective work flow. For all year round, the following parts are regularly stocked items: Engine miner repair parts, maintenance parts, control modules, other electric parts, general production parts etc. If a detailed stock list is needed, please contact our spare parts department.

  • Engine Parts

    Potise provides almost all the engine parts from a complete cylinder to small gaskets for all the generators we put into the market.
  • Batteries

    Batteries provided by Potise are produced through advanced technology and world class equipments, and have been recognized by CE and UL certification.
  • Electrical Components

    Meters, sensors, rectifiers, connectors, fuse, drop kits etc. At Potise, we select all the electrical parts for the production of the generator sets according to very strict quality guidelines.
  • Coolant

    Potise coolant combines the function of cooling, anti-freeze and anti-rust which meets the long term and versatile requirement of customers.
  • Filter

    Potise filters are all genuine ones for Potise generator sets and their component systems providing the highest levels of cleanliness and performance.
  • Lubricant

    Potise lubricants are designed specifically for Potise machines to efficiently reduce wear, such as galling and scaring, and to help prevent seizing.